• Studies of music education and conducting
  • Master degree in orchestral conducting at the academy of music “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden
  • Instruments: Piano, violin, viola, saxophone, drums
  • Musical director at the operetta festival in Ludesch, Austria
  • Musical director of several choirs in Berlin
  • Based in Berlin




I am the Anti - Hans Zimmer.

Don't get me wrong. I think that Hans Zimmer is brilliant, creative, he breaks new ground with almost every score he writes.

His approach to writing music is from the perspective of a sound designer and syntheziser/sampling - specialist. With this background, he writes classical film music, and that's what makes them so special.

My approach is exactly the opposite.

I am a conductor, my "instrument" is the orchestra. I write and produce music in a rather classical way – and afterwards, I break it down and process it, using a large number of different, mostly computer based, techniques, and re-arrange it. In a process that I call "deconstruction", I reinvent my own music.


I am and always was fascinated by the richness of the sound of an orchestra. By becoming a conductor, I got familiar with the possibilities of this "instrument", it became "my instrument".

At the same time I feel an intense and increasing fascination for synthesizers, sampling and electronic music production. The variety of sounds offered by this way of making music seems never – ending.

My aim is to bring together these two worlds of creating music: The orchestra and the electronic production. Other than you might expect, I don't want to melt them into one sound; I want them to coexist and form another one, a third, a new world of sound, a sound that is not to be identifyed as orchestral or electronic while it is actually both.